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London Design Academy (LDA) is an international accelerator for the creative industries, providing sustainable solutions for industries, universities and enterprises. LDA is located in London and holds a humanistic vision upon the world. We firmly believe that the great arts and cultural institutions in the world carry important responsibilities to cultivate and inspire creative talents and create humanistic values. Our mission is to integrate global creative resources and empower these great enterprises and institutions.

LDA has worked with thirty-four organisations worldwide. We currently focus on four main sectors in the creative industry: education, creative business incubators, research & consultancy, and cultural exchange activities. LDA has now organised a number of collaborations across trade bodies, universities, and enterprises, covering subjects which include jewellery, craftsmanship, fashion, product design, interior design, UX/UI design, digital design, and more.

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About Image

We unite with world-class experts, academics and institutions in higher learning to bring advanced education systems, teaching methods, professional technologies and practical content to major universities, enterprises and institutions. We help solve the problems of the creative industries in the face of the current social and economic changes. We put your customers at the centre of it all - helping you with better recruitment, attracting outstanding talents, and creating international-level high-quality content. We are totally dedicated to the development of the creative and design industries.

Why LDA?

International solutions brought to you.

Integrate global creative resources

We are an excellent international educational research and development team located in London, the creative capital, is working step by step with you.

Customised problem solving and value generation

We know our success does not only come from our competitive resources but also our careful thinking from an organisational perspective. We listen to your issues and challenges and customise planning systems and structures to strategically target your issues.

High quality content

LDA guarantee high quality service and product content. We aim to help our customers reduce at least 60% of the investment in incubator system projects.

Digitalisation and popularisation

We pioneered the online methodology to bring our resources in-house and export them according to customers’ needs. LDA is here to help ‘popularise’ your organisation or brand faster and better.


We believe that the creative industries should be based on humanity and as sustainable businesses should reflect the goodness of people. Following this ethos, we help our partners attract outstanding talent.

Combine market demand with organisations’ sustainable development

We start from working with the objective of attracting the best creative talent, creating excellent product content, internationalising the brand identity and ensuring the brand has a sustainable future.

Come and Create with Us!

Let us help you succeed in your desired creative industry.

The London Design Academy provides clients and customers with many different services. These include a variety of art and design courses led by world-class experts. Our mentorship and internship schemes with award-winning artists and designers provide the opportunity for you to cultivate your talents. Additionally, we give support to creative industry businesses with recruitment and content production as well as helping organisations to succeed in their desired fields.

Research & Consultancy
Creative Talent Incubator
Online & Offline Master Class
Adventure in Arts
Mentorship & Internship
Arts Exhibition & Events Planning
East West Dialogue: One World One Dream

Meet Our Team

Learn with our experts from all over the world

Dr. Gordon Hamme


PHD Researcher at the University of Edinburgh, Chairman and Director of British Silver Week, Director and Owner of Goldsmith Magazine, Director at Exchange Findings.

Isabella Liu

Founder & CEO

Winner of three gold and two silver awards at the “Jewellery Oscars” Goldsmiths Craftsmanship and Design Council. Selected by “WOMEN OF CHINA” magazine, Isabella was honoured as one of ten leading personalities: “Impressing the world, Chinese Women Yield Brilliant Result in 2015”. Endorsed by Arts Council England as exceptional talent in craftsmanship and design in 2015.

Davide Macullo

Senior Consultant & LDA Master

Founder and Director of Davide Macullo Architects, an international design studio Founded in 2000, based in Switzerland.

Previously, Davide was with Mario Botta Architects for 20 years as International Project Architect, with responsibility for over 200 projects worldwide.

Rui Xu

Senior Consultant & LDA Master

Fashion Designer, contemporary artist and painter. Founder of Rui Xu Studio Ex Head of the Fashion Department at China Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA). Her work has been presented nationally and internationally by world class institutions such as the V&A Museum, Christies, Zaha Hadid Gallery, and the Saatchi Gallery.

Xiaowei Ma

Consultant Panel & LDA Master

MASAA founder and principal architect

Director & Founder of Design Collective London

Director & Founder of City for Tomorrow Conference,Beijing and London

Samir Ceric

Special Advisor and LDA Master

Investor, entrepreneur, mentor, public speaker & philanthropist with Masters in Mathematics at University of Bologna & Sussex; Soros Foundation alumni & Mental Health Campaigner Chairman of Mayfair Investment Club President of Bosnian Nobility House Chairman of Balkans Foreign Investment Advisory Council

Alexander Davis

LDA Master

Winner of Design Innovation Awards in 2010, 2011, and 2012.

Winner of  New Designer Of The Year 2010 at the UK

Jewellery Awards.Jury of NAJ Awards

Olivier Mourao

LDA Master

Oliver Mourao has been a professional artist since the early 1960s. His paintings, designs and sculptures have been prominently showcased in more than 700 publications and 74 exhibitions worldwide. The Oscar-winning screenplay of Oliver Mourao's life as an artist: from his early years as Brazil’s most famous portrait painter of children, to when he met Picasso and his great idol Francis Bacon, all played a role in his legendary life. A good friend of Salvador Dali and his wife Gala, their influence is very meaningful for Oliver Mourao's current work.

Allan Jenkins

LDA Master

International acclaimed visual communicator Fine art photographer.Best known for his hand printed images of still life, figurative work and portraiture.