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We integrate the multi-dimensional and advanced resources of industries, educational institutions and commerce, to build a three-dimensional creative industry eco-platform, from education to incubation, from researching the industry to expressing a creative voice. We integrate research and development with the market. For future industrial upgrading and social progress, LDA incubates creative leaders, managers and practitioners from corporates and institutions - all of whom have an impact on the future of the creative industries. We use the spirit of art and humanity to light up the East and the West, and build a bridge for mutual learning and dialogue.

International Accelerator for the Creative Industry

London Design Academy (LDA) is an international accelerator for the creative industries, providing sustainable solutions to trade, universities and enterprises. LDA is located in London and upholds a humanistic vision of the world. We firmly believe that the great global arts and cultural institutions carry important responsibilities to cultivate and inspire creative talents and create humanistic values. Our mission is to integrate global creative resources and empower these influential enterprises and institutions.


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